Mental Health Support 

A diagnosis of Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency can cause mental distress, anxiety, or depression.

In recognition of this, A1OA has a Mental Health First Aid Australia accredited member available to recognise common mental health problems in people diagnosed with A1AD, to provide initial help to someone experiencing a mental health problem and to help the sufferer cope in a crisis.

If you feel you are not coping after a diagnosis of A1AD or are struggling mentally with any aspects of A1AD please reach out to us on


Donation Enquiries

We are run entirely by volunteers. Your donation can help us support Alpha-1 sufferers and their families.

Donations help to fund advertising and educational materials to raise the profile of the charity. They also massively contribute for initiatives to lobby government and get treatment for Alpha-1. 

To make a donation you can transfer funds directly to our Bank Account (Westpac BSB: 036-069 Ac: 072007) or donate here through our third-party platform. 

Fundraising Enquiries

We are always looking for new fundraising ideas. If you are interested in holding a fundraising event then please reach out to us using the below contact form with any questions and details on your idea. 

    All other enquiries.

    For any questions or enquires please reach out to us using the below contact form.